Love is the beginning not the whole story.

Sometimes the ‘head and the heart’ do not hold hands.

You need to learn to be a couple and work on the areas that take us over a life time so when we say “I do” we mean I do take you as you are with all your flaws and my flaws and together we can create our own relationship that works for us.

This often times means re-learning how we relate to others and how to have conflict resolution instead of “I win, you loose” solutions to conflict.

The 6 step programme for couples is 6 one hour personal learning tailored to your needs and unique personality types.

In this programme you will learn:

Effective Communication Skills
Your Love Language
Negotiation Skills
What Personality Type you are and how that influences behaviour
What does your anger look like
How you communicate and the effects from that communication style
All the learning is with the couple involved allowing the couple to be honest and open. You will learn how to validate and encourage one an other.

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