This technique deals with the negative emotions attached to the upset. It is these negative emotions that keep us in bondage, stop us from moving on and fill us with despair.

It can also stop us from thinking in a productive way. We may spend a large amount of energy thinking about how we will not allow anyone to hurt us, trick us, make a fool of us and so on, again.

This is energy that takes a lot of time. In fact we can be so bogged down with the vows we make as to what we will never let happen to us again, we forget how to look for the good things. We close ourselves up and attract the very thing we vow not to be involved in, because it is most prevalent on our mind.

Imagine a mind full of what we would like to do, rather than what we don’t want to do, or even want to reproduce.

Try not to think about a truck. As soon as you say ‘don’t think about a truck’, it comes into your mind. Now – ‘think about a truck’, it also comes into your mind. Eliminate the negative truck and all you have is a positive truck. Imagine what you could do with a positive truck.

It all sounds too simple. Often times the most effective methods are simple.

Look at the humble potato peeler. I have had mine for at least 15 years and it has never let me down. However it is simple in design making it easy to use.

I would like you to take some time and think about an upset. See that vows you created at the last moment of upset. Are they crowding your thoughts with such things as “I will never do that again, or I will never let that happen again”?

Write these thoughts down and you will be amazed how many of these vows we carry around with us daily. What happens is that they cluster together as life unfolds. These clusters become bigger and bigger leaving us maybe about 10-15% good positive thinking energy. Just imagine how much you could achieve if you grew that 10-15% to 80-100% capacity.

You could probably cure cancer with that much energy pushing in a good direction. If you were a scientist of course, however if you are like me, just an ordinary person living life to the best of your ability, you could find that your thinking processes improve. Thus giving you the opportunity to excel in your chosen field as well as life in general.

If we are not afraid of being hurt we approach one another different. With out the burden of vows, we are open to what is on offer in this wonderful world.

Not having the recount those sometimes gruesome details of an upset, a client has the ability to work with the full impact of the situation.

Sometimes we give an oral account we cloud it with words, or have trouble finding words to describe how we feel. This technique is comfortable for many reasons but this one is its biggest bonus.

In 1-3 sessions together we can remove unproductive vows, giving you the opportunity to leave the hurts and pain in the past where it belongs.

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