The Blue Room Deep Relaxation CD is a 20 minute guided imagery that assists in creating a place of peace and harmony that can be accessed at any time through a 5 step procedure.This procedure is outlined in the recording.

For maximum benefit this CD needs to be played everyday for 31 days whilst sitting in a comfortable chair or lying in bed.  After the 31 days you can than refresh the image by once a week listening.

Many clients use the CD to help them sleep, work on their anger, de-stress and to stay calm.  One client uses the relaxation to assist her son who has ADD to sleep.

If you are calm, you have more of a chance to cope. It is good to have a healthy attitude and a calm disposition to assist with the fast pace of today’s world.

The Blue Room Deep Relaxation is available in CD form by calling 07 55702020 for a mail out to you.

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